Accessories and complement

 Coffins: Depending on the fate of the deceased, whether in burial or cremation, the casket type must meet certain conditions. In our case we only have high quality wooden coffins.

  • In the case of incineration, the use of an ecological wooden coffin is mandatory.
  • In the case of burials, a wide range of wooden coffins can be chosen.
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 Flowers: It is a complement that is present in most funerals. We have a team of professionals who work every day in the art of flowers. In the flower arrangement at funerals there is a wide range of flowers of which roses, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums stand out, although we are available to the client and we adapt to any request.

 Urn: The variety of Urns is as wide as the imagination allows it. It also adjusts to the fate of the ashes (columbarium, spread, preserve).

 Reliquaries: The option of keeping close to one a small amount of ashes of the loved one takes shape in a large selection of small “Jewels”

 Spreading: There are many ways to spread the ashes, on land or by sea. Of course, there are more “exotic” options. By spreading in the sea you leave in a ship and with a special urn that not only dissolves in the water, but also in a slow and ceremonious way.


We have a wide range of reliquaries, urns and pendants.

 We offer you a wide variety of accessories and complements