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Funeral services in Malaga

Funeral Services

Funerarias Camero incineracion


The incineration can be carried out only in

places that have a crematorium.

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Funerarias Camero inhumacion


It has to be carried out in a cemetery, which

has niches or pits.

Funerarias Camero traslados


We are specialists in relocations and

repatriations in different countries.

Funerarias Camero nichos

Maintenance of niches

We would take care of the monthly cleaning and floral decorations.

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Funerarias Camero asesoramiento

Legal advice

All our services will have free legal advice.

Funerarias Camero lapidas

Preparation of tombstones

We make all kinds of designs, distribution and placement.

Funerarias Camero flores

Accessories and accessories

Accessories and accessories such as coffins and flowers.

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Funerarias Camero estatua de mujer

Additional features

Extra services such as pendants and urns

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