At the time of need when we are finalizing the details of a fitting farewell there are elements that can complete the event.

Flowers: From a simple single thistle to the most sophisticated Memorial
Bouquet / Design help to focus on the memory of the dear departed.

Coffin: Again depending on what has been opted (burial or cremation) the choice of coffin will reflect many aspects of our memories of the loved one that has gone.
The only general rule is that all coffins are wooden.
and must comply with ecological standards.
But they can be ornate or simple , decorated or plain.

Urns: The final destination of the ashes will affect the choice of Urn.
From bio-degradable to scatter at sea or bury in the ground
to Permanent decorative urns made from a variety of materials, wood,
Iron, ceramic and other.

Keepsakes: We may decide to keep a small portion of the departed’s ashes.
This can be done with a variety of Memento Jewelry and kepsakes.

Scattering: There are several options to scattering ashes. On land or at Sea. Of course
there are some more exotic options.
For scattering at sea one can go out in boat and with a special urn that not only will dissolve in water but will float briefly before it begins sinking.

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